So pleased with this dentist. Found him about 8 months ago an he’s been so reasonably priced and best of all…gentle. No one loves the dental chair, but he makes it a a great experience. Good sense of humor and his calm demeanor really eases my nerves! Its the first time a dentist has ever told me im a good patient! Easy to be such, in his care. Also, i needed a bridge, wow…its the cutest little bridge ive ever seen. i love it. Made from quality porcelain, not the cheap stuff from China. And now I’m on the teeth whitening system – 5 days using it and theyre almost the perfect shade! 5 star for sure!  – Joei Skeffington

Let’s be honest, no one really likes going to the dentist. Before my visit with Richard Bauer in December I had not been in 3 years. With that being said this experience was beyond anything I could have hoped for! His staff was extremely professional. I made an appointment and before my butt even hit the seat I was called in to be seen. From start to finish I felt at ease. When everything was said and done he was extremely fair on price. I highly recommend that if you need any kind of dental work at all go see Richard Bauer and his staff. In fact I have another visit with him in about 2 weeks and you can be sure I will be there!   – Chris Dennis

I had a great experience at Dr Bauers. He is a very personable. I was in Delray on vacation and found him by chance​, when i started having throbbing tooth pain. He took me right on and immediately I was at ease under his care. ​Very pleased with his service. The staff was also very very nice people.  – Adii Dafal

Do you need a dentist?? ok, I found you the silver dollar of denistry. Dr. Richard Bauer, in Delray Beach, Florida. He is gentle, accomodating and pays attention to your needs. His skills are impecable, communication is beyond your expectations, and is wonderful in attaining the best possible outcome for your needs. I have been with Dr. Bauer for 12 years, and for me, that shows that he is the best in the field.  – Lois Sherry